Who Needs Insurance?

By | April 19, 2019

Basically everyone who lives in this world needs preparation. Preparation that will be needed when they are in a state of urgency. Both those that have to do with health, are related to education, related to the economy, and all the needs needed by humans.

A famous proverb says, provide an umbrella before it rains. An expression that explains to us how important preparation is in various things. It will help us when we need it. Preparation ensures that our journey and goals will be achieved in an easier and more enjoyable way.

The proverb also implies a much deeper meaning, a demand for us to always be visionary. Think and look far ahead. Not only thinking about now. Current pleasure. But so that we think about our condition in the future. Making sure at that moment, we will also be in a good condition. Even much better.

The proverb also teaches us to take preventive steps in some important fields that we need, such as economics, health and education. Both the health and education economy, the three are the main wheels that we really need every day. If all three of us prepare carefully and well, of course our condition will be fine.

The logic of insurance is not far from the logic of the proverb. Insurance invites us to think visionary. Think about the future. And having good preparations for a much better future. Think of investing and saving for the future.

True insurance invites us to be more efficient in the present, saving for preparation in the future. Reducing things that are not needed in the present, for much better pleasure in the future. Actually if we understand the logic of insurance, we will be much more comfortable when we might pay a premium. It’s just that maybe sometimes, we are afraid to lose our money when some insurance companies also have no guarantee in the future.

By understanding the path above, we can conclude that everyone needs insurance. Insurance in the sense of a condition that is able to back up itself and all of its needs when needed. Whether it’s done individually or through an institution. But in reality, following the insurance recommended by an institution or company, the conditions will be much safer and more comfortable. How many insurance companies have large institutions that support behind it.

Insurance is needed by anyone, any level of work. Awareness of the logic of insurance will lead someone to the preparations and steps needed and their family in the future. Of course, considering various kinds of needs and good advice before taking out insurance.

If we understand that insurance is actually a preparation for our future needs, I don’t think anyone will object to taking one step on insurance. With such preparations, of course it will not be much easier in the future.

The right choice of insurance is the one that best fits your needs, and is best suited to the capabilities available to each family. Maybe one another will be different and obviously not the same. Just one in common, all need insurance at all levels.