Insurance And Philosophy Behind It

By | April 1, 2019

Perhaps in various articles you will find it difficult to find reviews that discuss the philosophy of insurance. However, if you have insurance, you can read it as a point of view that will motivate you to pay more premiums because you know the benefits in the future. Here are Insurance and Philosophy Behind It;

The insurance perspective is a long-term perspective. You can’t expect to get instant benefits from your participation in an insurance company. Why is that? Because insurance itself has its own way to develop premium premiums paid by its members, so that the premium can later be used to meet the needs of unexpected needs which are then needed by members who join.

Similar to a cooperative. When you join a cooperative, of course the first time there will be asked to invest in the amount agreed upon by all members. Your involvement as a shareholder in a cooperative will later be the right to benefit from the businesses run by the cooperative. Whether it’s a savings and loan business, shop, or other service.

On the journey after about 1 year there will be a program called the results of business savings. Deposits from the results of this effort are shared with all members in accordance with the role he performed the operation. Maybe in percent or in a certain nominal amount. In essence, there will be the results of all the results of the efforts carried out by the cooperative.

The same is the insurance that you follow. It’s just that because the scale of the insurance company is much bigger, it is probable that the investment they make from the premium premium paid does not only revolve around small businesses, it can be in the form of shares, macro trading market, there are various other types of businesses that promise security for members’ finances.

From here we understand that insurance actually has a high level of security for saving in the long run. In some insurance companies already supported by the direct government with several large companies behind it. Of course this is a separate consideration that you must see when you decide to make a decision to join an insurance company.

By understanding the concepts that are running in an insurance company, understanding how much you have helped most people in their economic growth.

With the premiums you pay each month several businesses that have been running in the community get full support, so that more business opportunities are created in the midst of society.

On the way you pay premiums every month, you unconsciously have created high environmental awareness and concern by helping more efforts to develop.

By being aware of all this, the example of your motivation to participate in an insurance is getting bigger and bigger. But don’t forget to consider how reliable the company you want to join is. Do not let your investment disappear with uselessness.

Also consider how much profit you get after you join the investment for approximately 5 to 10 years. What is the pattern of testimonials from previous customers?

Is the claim given easy enough or vice versa. You don’t want it not when you need it but what you expect is just the opposite.

Also consider how much the premium growth you pay, according to the standard or not. If it is far from the standard set by the government, it is possible that the insurance company you are following is not in accordance with the rules. And this is dangerous. This is the review of Insurance and Philosophy Behind it.