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10 Important Things About Insurance Contracts

Whatever type of insurance you want to hire, you must sign a contract with the insurance company. There are very important aspects in an insurance contract that you should know. Here we explain 10 important things that can help you during the validity of your insurance contract: 1. A law that watches over the weakest Generally, the Law… Read More »

Car Insurance Tips for Large Families

Before taking a car to the street it is mandatory that you have the vehicle insurance, which covers the risks of driving in case of having an accident. The contracting of car insurance covers the civil liability of the owner and the driver of the car – in case it is not the same person – for the… Read More »

Health Insurance For Large Families

Family health insurance is a way to have a private doctor for a large family. Without going through a waiting list, choosing the doctor you want in a medical chart. It has advantages since the price is cheaper and there are almost always special offers the greater the number of relatives. Whenever possible, coverage and medical insurance service… Read More »