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Car Insurance If You Have Drunk Alcohol

Driving and alcohol together are a danger. If you have drunk alcohol and then drive you are causing one of the most frequent risk factors that cause serious traffic accidents. In this article I tell you what you need to know so that it does not even occur to you to take the car if you have drunk… Read More »

Home Insurance Tips For Large Families

Home insurance provides a solution to some of the problems posed, unexpected situations that can mean a big cost for a large family if you do not have an insurance. The purpose is to cover any unforeseen event that may arise inside or outside your home, both parents and children, protecting the material assets of the house, personal… Read More »

Tips For Hiring Boat Insurance

You have a boat and you have raised more than once, what would happen if the sails are broken, the engine is damaged or you have a blow against a rock and need towing assistance to the port? Hiring a boat insurance means enjoying the sea and sailing without worrying about what may happen, and with the total… Read More »

What are Insurance Coverages?

The coverage of an insurance, also called guarantees, are the benefits that are defined and specified in the particular and general conditions of the contracts of the policies. With the coverages the insured is protected up to the agreed economic limit, of the consequences that derive from an accident. In any insurance, coverage or guarantees are the most… Read More »

Change Car Insurance and Pay Less

Evaluate car insurance policy Basically you will have to present very good arguments to get your insurance company to reduce your premiums. If you decide to change car insurance, you will be at risk of paying higher premiums. Ask your insurance provider to re-evaluate your policy. Do not wait for your insurance company to call you for a… Read More »