Advantages of Medical Insurance

The number of people who choose to take out health insurance is increasing, either as a way to complement their public health or not to depend on it and opt only for private health (although the health offered by the State is also covered). And there is no doubt that there are many advantages offered by health insurance.… Read More »

How To Claim The Company Or Insurance Broker

The insurers and insurance brokers must have by law a customer service department in order to channel the claims, complaints and queries of their customers. Also, they have the obligation to have a client defender, who will be responsible for dealing with and resolving the claims received. The presentation of complaints and claims to insurance companies and brokerages… Read More »

The Beneficiary in Personal Insurance

The figure of the beneficiary appears in the so-called people insurance, mainly in life insurance. Remember that in an insurance contract different figures appear that can coincide in the same person or not. The beneficiary is the person designated by the policyholder to receive the capital agreed in the policy. The beneficiary may be any person, whether family… Read More »

Travel Assistance Insurance Tips for Large Families

It is very important for a family when you plan to go on vacation and buy the tickets in advance, having the possibility of contracting cancellation coverage. In the event that one of the children becomes ill and the trip can not be made, it is imperative that the family recover a large part of the costs. The… Read More »